This page is to inform you guys what will happen with your donations and what I plan to do.

Any donations made to my account will be used to buy new games for Xbox One or PC which then I will use to make gameplays and reviews. I don't intend to use donated money as a means of living.

When I get sufficient amount of donations I will make a post and announcement for you guys to choose the game I will buy from the donated money. So that I play the game you are interested in.

When I pass the game I will offer a give away competition (not really competition, you will just have to say you want it and by random I will choose one person). I will send to the winner the game so that the other person can enjoy it.
(NOTE: This applies to the games I bought from donation money, I may offer my own games as a give away prize but that will happen completely at my own discretion).

I thank you in advance for any donations and support. I hope to hear from you guys on the chat.