Monday, 12 March 2018

Quick Update

Hi guys. Didn't write an update last month as I wanted to finish what I was doing with the game and make an update then. I'm done with 3 classes currently and there are about (note in the brackets->) 3 left (as some you will not be able to get in 2nd chapter but I do have to lay the foundations for them). So the project is going along nicely, it's getting bigger and bigger but size wise it's not increasing that much. Maps don't weight that much, only graphic and music. Although I minimise usage of graphic such as pictures etc. I mostly used what was provided and/or developed for this platform so it doesn't take much space (which is good).

Music will take some space as some track might weight 8 mb while others 2mb (with accumulation... it get bigger). By the way music is available to you in the folder sound if you didn't know. You don't have to actually play the song to a specific moment to hear the music, it is available for you straight from download.

There are some which you may enjoy so I suggest grabbing a demo version and have a listen (of course there will be much, much more in the finished version :D).

Alright, that is all. I will not tell you which classes are already created as I do not want to leak any info about the game besides what is in demo version. When you play, you will find out. Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully I will be done soon with another class. Take care guys, Dark.

Oh by the way, you can find demo version here - Game with library (google drive)

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