Thursday, 13 April 2017

No Stream Today / Future Plans

Hi guys, unfortunately I was hoping that twitch will update the xbox one application and I will be able to use chat but I tried and tried and nothing. So I will not stream today on twitch. Now this sentence might seem like "I'm not streaming on twitch but.. I will be streaming somewhere else" well that is not the case (at least for now). There is new application available from the latest Xbox System Update, it is called Beam and it is a streaming service. I checked it and you can actually see chat etc on your screen. Now can you actually do anything with the chat ... not that I'm aware of at least from xbox (maybe on website you could).

I'm actually considering whenever I should move my streams to Beam or stay with twitch. Now I shit talked about twitch many times and of course I still think that way but it is a much bigger platform at the same time (Although I'm not asserting that Beam will not grow, perhaps it will be much bigger than twitch in the future... well at least for xbox users).

I will wait and see, if in 2 weeks there is no update and I can't see chat while playing game I will consider moving to Beam where I can start fresh and anew. Although I will do streams on twitch for now, bare in mind that I do not see the chat and I don't really intend to turn on 20 devices just to see chat (that is just exaggeration for reasons you don't need to know :D)

Ok, so that is my announcement here really. I will be back on Saturday and Sunday with streams from van helsing and outlast (and I will do 2 streams of outlast just to catch up). Oh and if you were wondering why I just don't stream without chat now? Well because. (Ok, ok. I have some stuff to do now and I got "depressed" due to inability to see chat while playing :D so here's your reason (ohh and I'm tired too)). Take care guys and I will see you on Saturday/Sunday. Dark

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