Saturday, 24 September 2016

I'm still alive + Announcement

Yes I'm alive, which to some people will bring happiness to some sadness. I did mention I will have no time to actually do streams but things have changed as I had even no time to play games. It might not be what you think, but I do have to work and I'm making a game.

Don't get all excited, the game is nothing modern. But because I'm doing this I simply don't have time for streams or even time to play games. Besides if you were doing a game everyday for couple of hours I don't think you would like to play anything :D

So that is the announcement really. I'm making a game and I don't really use my Xbox anymore (I didn't start it for I don't know more than 2 months), but I will use it today. I don't want to write whole essay here, that is why I will make a stream today and I will talk about all that stuff in details.

It doesn't really matter which game I'm going to play but I think something that is relaxing and doesn't require my full attention. Now as for the future, I need to buy my domain for another year so the site doesn't stop working, and I will be doing occasional streams and update anyone who is interested on the development of my game. I may even do a demo stream of the game just to show you guys what it looks like.

Now for the stream as I mentioned it will be today and not to make it too late this time I will start at 7pm (that is the time in UK which is UTC or BST time zone) and I will play some kind of game, perhaps forza (there is forza horizon 3 going out but I'm not getting it yet perhaps in the future).
So if you are interested in all the details etc. do visit my channel at 7pm and watch me play some game as well as explain all the stuff and talk about my game. I will see you guys then. Dark

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