Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Update + Review

Ok so I've turn on the Xbox and lo and behold the attack of the updates... Yep. So my plans go to shit again by updates and knowing Destiny and it's speed of updating maybe (maybe) I will be able to actually play it tomorrow so unfortunately I will not be able to make Destiny stream today BUT I will still be streaming (just a different game). So instead of destiny I will stream Sherlock Holmes and continue on with the new case. Sorry for that but then again join me in for some mysteries as I play Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments.

In other news:
New review is available on my website. The next review I've published is The Walking Dead Season 1 which is (dare I say) one of the best games I've played on Xbox One, don't believe me? read the review and see the scores, I was surprised myself but when I look at it objectively and how I liked it... just read it you will see what I mean :D

Take care and hope to see you on my stream, Dark.

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