Monday, 25 April 2016

I Will Be Streaming Today + Some Info

Hi guys, sorry that next stream was so late compared to other streams. As I mentioned I will have less time and I still do but today I am able to do a stream (and maybe even one 3 hours long). Next week I will have even less time as I'm preparing for road trip on my bike so I won't even be here for couple of days. At the same time I might still do 1-2 streams this week before I go, anyway back to the stream.

I will stream today at 8pm [GMT + 1] or [UTC] time zone and I'm going to play Sherlock Holmes. Join me in as I try to solve the disappearing train mystery and perhaps even solve the next case. All the best and sorry for not being too frequent with streams, hopefully it will change in near future. Dark

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