Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thursday's Stream + Info

Hi guys. As I've announced previously today's stream will take place at 8pm [GMT] time zone where I will play Killer Instinct on Xbox One. Join me in for some combat action and perhaps multiplayer if I can do it. This will be probably last stream on Killer Instinct as I have other games I would like to play and stream but also I'm not that interested in fighting games. So I plan to do a review but also give you my personal score of this game (the score I will give will be kind of temporary as I will give the proper one when I do review on this site).

In other news. New review is available now, you can read my review on Pneuma Breath of Life on this website (link below) if you want to know what type of score I gave it but also good and bad points of the game if you are planning to buy it in the future. All the best, Dark

Pneuma Review

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