Sunday, 31 January 2016

Some Delays as Game Installs + Updated

9PM Update:
So the game is still installing......... at 65% yep (I know what type of bullshit is this anyway I'm installing that from a CD not internet) so no stream today unfortunately as the game does not want to be installed. I'm pissed at Microsoft right now but I will install the game by tomorrow (I THINK!) and do the unscheduled stream tomorrow that is the only option. Sorry guys but well shit happens sometimes as I like to say it "Shit happens everyday especially on Sunday" (my own quote :D) so tomorrow on Monday I will do a stream of Destiny, sorry again and I hope you will come back tomorrow for the stream. All the best, Dark.

Guys sorry but unfortunately the Destiny is still installing at 60% (and it takes loads of time I though 1.5h should be enough for it to be done with but apparently NOT). Stream will have to be moved an hour to 9pm but as soon as the game installation process finishes I will be streaming. (I'm saying approximately 1h as I do not know if it will take more or less). Sorry again and hope to see you soon. Dark.

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