Saturday, 12 December 2015

No Stream and Info

Hi guys as you may or may not know Microsoft fucked up the Xbox System and now I can't even access half of my settings (which means twitch is not able to either). With that I can't broadcast as twitch won't allow me to (and believe me I tried for over half an hour with different methods). So unfortunately No stream today as simply I have no way of streaming.

I do not know if they are going to correct that today or not but if they do it by tomorrow I will do the stream which is planned as usual on Sunday [13/12/2015] at 8pm [GMT].

Pop in to my channel in about 30 min I will still try to do the stream today but I don't know if I will succeed. Anyway thanks for reading and understanding. Have a nice one, Dark.

Page to the Xbox Issue Website:

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