Monday, 2 November 2015

Next Stream

Hi guys my next stream will be tomorrow [03/11/2015] at 8pm [UTC] where I will play Evolve in multiplayer mode. Now obviously I'm like level 6 and there are people who played this game for more than a month or even better (so they have max levels and stuff) BUT that said I will try my best against other players.

So join me on twitch to watch my stream tomorrow. Also if you are on Xbox One and have this game, give me a message if you would like to join me and we can play together, like I had a guest in my last stream which was fun experience (although I mostly died he is level 40 in this game).

If you want to add me on Xbox One my nick is: Dark PlaysGames

All the best and I hope to see you on my stream. Dark

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