Saturday, 24 October 2015

Watch Dogs Stream Coming Soon!

Hi guys, The next stream will be today! [24/10/2015] as always at 8pm [UTC +0]. I will be continuing with the game and hopefully enter 3rd Act. I think I will enter 3rd Act as there is less missions left then the last time so hopefully I will make it.

The life stream will take place on twitch as always and here is the link you may follow to watch it:
Twitch Stream

Join me as I try to get to act 3. Dark

(Edit Note: I've changed GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) as for some reason GMT is not really used everywhere and for some reason GMT +0 is not time in London? Anyway UTC +0 is the time everyone (I hope) has on their computer calendars so there should be no mistakes)

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