Saturday, 31 October 2015

Next Stream and Info

Hi guys, today I have started to stream Evolve but for some reason it crashed (it works now but because I didn't want to do 2 videos in one day I will do the rest of the stream tomorrow). The game is brand new so I do not know the reason for crashing also I've noticed that the sound is to high and will correct that in the next stream.

As for the schedule next stream will take place tomorrow [01/11/2015] at 8pm [UTC].

Just additional info: As I've already played the game and it doesn't have some sort of campaign or missions only matches (like unreal tournament if some of you remember what it is) therefore there is not much content I can show you in this game, so I will do only couple of streams and move on to next game (I will also review the game at my last stream to give you better idea if you might or might not be interested in buying and playing it yourself if you haven't yet).

So thanks guys and sorry for technical issues, hopefully next stream will not have them. I hope to see you in my next stream, all the best. Dark

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