Saturday, 31 October 2015

Next Stream and Info

Hi guys, today I have started to stream Evolve but for some reason it crashed (it works now but because I didn't want to do 2 videos in one day I will do the rest of the stream tomorrow). The game is brand new so I do not know the reason for crashing also I've noticed that the sound is to high and will correct that in the next stream.

As for the schedule next stream will take place tomorrow [01/11/2015] at 8pm [UTC].

Just additional info: As I've already played the game and it doesn't have some sort of campaign or missions only matches (like unreal tournament if some of you remember what it is) therefore there is not much content I can show you in this game, so I will do only couple of streams and move on to next game (I will also review the game at my last stream to give you better idea if you might or might not be interested in buying and playing it yourself if you haven't yet).

So thanks guys and sorry for technical issues, hopefully next stream will not have them. I hope to see you in my next stream, all the best. Dark

Friday, 30 October 2015

Next Stream on Halloween!

Hi there guys I hope you are prepared for the weekend (not just my stream but you know Halloween!). So yea besides having a free day (or days) for most of people you can join me on my streaming channel where I will be playing new game Evolve for the first time (on stream that is).

I will practice and just take a look what the game is about today, and tomorrow I will stream the game.

So tomorrow [31/10/2015] <- Halloween :D 8pm [UTC]. Come and join me as I play Evolve. Thanks guys and have a good one. Dark

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Watch Dogs Main Missions Final Stream (I Think!)

Hi guys, the final stream (I hope) of last two missions will take place today [29/10/2015] at 8pm [UTC] as always. I'm planning to pass the game in this next stream and then just show you couple of side missions just to show you different content than main missions.

Visit my channel today and watch me reaching the conclusion and end of the game. Have a good one. Dark

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Next Game Announcment!

Hi guys, as you might already expect by the cover photo above, I will be playing evolve. The game is some sort of alien shooter/fantasy sci-fi sort of game which is not bad when I looked at it. I also want to do it because I want to test as well as learn new skill while shooting on gamepad (which I'm not the best at) so that will be good game to practice as well as play.

I don't know yet when the streams of this game will start but I will notify you shortly.

Today's Stream

Hi guys, Today [27/10/2015] at 8pm[UTC] I will be streaming Watch Dogs on twitch. Currently I'm in 4th act out o 5 so nearing the end of game.

 I hope to see you guys there, have a nice one. Dark

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Next Stream Schedule

The next stream will take place today! [25/10/2015] as always at 8pm [UTC]. If you need reference of the time I live in UK so you can get reference to that time from your country. Currently I'm in Act 3 so I advanced to next act and will continue doing main missions. So join me and watch my wins and fails while playing watch dogs.

Link to the stream - Click Here

Hope to see you guys and have a nice one. Dark

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Watch Dogs Stream Coming Soon!

Hi guys, The next stream will be today! [24/10/2015] as always at 8pm [UTC +0]. I will be continuing with the game and hopefully enter 3rd Act. I think I will enter 3rd Act as there is less missions left then the last time so hopefully I will make it.

The life stream will take place on twitch as always and here is the link you may follow to watch it:
Twitch Stream

Join me as I try to get to act 3. Dark

(Edit Note: I've changed GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) as for some reason GMT is not really used everywhere and for some reason GMT +0 is not time in London? Anyway UTC +0 is the time everyone (I hope) has on their computer calendars so there should be no mistakes)

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Next Stream!

As I already written on the schedule page the next stream will take place on 22/10/2015 (that is Thursday) at 8pm [GMT +0]. Join me as I continue to pass missions from 2nd act and perhaps if I don't encounter to many difficulties I should be able to enter 3rd act.

I also mentioned that I will do a lot of side missions after I pass main campaign. So stay tuned as I will continue playing after I finish the main story line (There will be a lot of actions in those side missions!).

Hope to see you guys on my next stream, take care and all the best. Dark

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Today's Stream!

Hi guys I will be streaming today [20/10/2015] at about 8.20pm [GMT +0].
Go to twitch for life feed of my gameplay of Watch Dogs.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

New Stream Schedule

Tomorrow [Sunday, 18/10/2015] at around 8pm [GMT +0] I will be playing on twitch for couple of hours. The game I'm playing currently is Watch Dogs and I'm in first act of the game.

The gameplay will consist of Main Missions only! As I will do the side missions after I finish the game (or in mid time if I feel the need to). So join me tomorrow and have a look at my wins and fails.

Link to twitch: