Monday, 12 March 2018

Quick Update

Hi guys. Didn't write an update last month as I wanted to finish what I was doing with the game and make an update then. I'm done with 3 classes currently and there are about (note in the brackets->) 3 left (as some you will not be able to get in 2nd chapter but I do have to lay the foundations for them). So the project is going along nicely, it's getting bigger and bigger but size wise it's not increasing that much. Maps don't weight that much, only graphic and music. Although I minimise usage of graphic such as pictures etc. I mostly used what was provided and/or developed for this platform so it doesn't take much space (which is good).

Music will take some space as some track might weight 8 mb while others 2mb (with accumulation... it get bigger). By the way music is available to you in the folder sound if you didn't know. You don't have to actually play the song to a specific moment to hear the music, it is available for you straight from download.

There are some which you may enjoy so I suggest grabbing a demo version and have a listen (of course there will be much, much more in the finished version :D).

Alright, that is all. I will not tell you which classes are already created as I do not want to leak any info about the game besides what is in demo version. When you play, you will find out. Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully I will be done soon with another class. Take care guys, Dark.

Oh by the way, you can find demo version here - Game with library (google drive)

Saturday, 6 January 2018

I'm alive and well... sort of.

What's up guys? It's been quite some time since I last posted here. Also my domain expired, had to set it up again today :D totally forgot about paying for it. Anyway, Happy new year (a bit late but still).

Right, let's start with some updates. For now I will not be doing any streams as I don't really have time to play, so the stream will have to wait before I'm done with the stuff I'm doing currently.
Now more importantly updates on my game!

It is disappointing but I'm not done with the 2nd chapter still. I know I said I will be done last year but hell, the more I do the more difficult some classes tend to get. Each class has its own functionality and events, some of those are very hard to implement as I have to create really a system for this to happen and monitor everything with the use of variables and what not. I currently finished 2 classes, from which one was very difficult to create as it has great freedom... which is not easy to accomplish using this software. I don't mean freedom as in walk wherever you want but freedom in interactions... sometimes just for one event or quest I had to sit couple of days and figure out how to do certain things. But! no more excuses. I'm still doing this game and didn't drop it.

Now, I do not want to promise that I will finish this 2nd chapter this year but it is January so I must be done by the end of the year... If I'm not, I can just give up :D because if I can't do 2nd chapter till the end of this year I don't think I will ever finish this game! But jokes aside, yea I'm working on it and believe me when I say that the time I spend on improving everything and making it as close to the functions that modern RPG games have... it will be even better when I'm finished with it.

So that is that for the update. Do visit more often now as I cleared up some stuff and will be posting more frequently (i.e. not every 3 months or so, more like once or twice a month :D). In the meantime if you want you can still try the demo version of the game, the links are below. Last but not least, thanks for reading all that rant! I do appreciate oh and if you have questions and suggestions don't hesitate to post them here or pm me on YouTube or what not. Thanks and I will see you soon. Dark

Game with the library (Google drive)

Thursday, 13 April 2017

No Stream Today / Future Plans

Hi guys, unfortunately I was hoping that twitch will update the xbox one application and I will be able to use chat but I tried and tried and nothing. So I will not stream today on twitch. Now this sentence might seem like "I'm not streaming on twitch but.. I will be streaming somewhere else" well that is not the case (at least for now). There is new application available from the latest Xbox System Update, it is called Beam and it is a streaming service. I checked it and you can actually see chat etc on your screen. Now can you actually do anything with the chat ... not that I'm aware of at least from xbox (maybe on website you could).

I'm actually considering whenever I should move my streams to Beam or stay with twitch. Now I shit talked about twitch many times and of course I still think that way but it is a much bigger platform at the same time (Although I'm not asserting that Beam will not grow, perhaps it will be much bigger than twitch in the future... well at least for xbox users).

I will wait and see, if in 2 weeks there is no update and I can't see chat while playing game I will consider moving to Beam where I can start fresh and anew. Although I will do streams on twitch for now, bare in mind that I do not see the chat and I don't really intend to turn on 20 devices just to see chat (that is just exaggeration for reasons you don't need to know :D)

Ok, so that is my announcement here really. I will be back on Saturday and Sunday with streams from van helsing and outlast (and I will do 2 streams of outlast just to catch up). Oh and if you were wondering why I just don't stream without chat now? Well because. (Ok, ok. I have some stuff to do now and I got "depressed" due to inability to see chat while playing :D so here's your reason (ohh and I'm tired too)). Take care guys and I will see you on Saturday/Sunday. Dark

Monday, 6 February 2017

Another Update To The Game

Hi guys. Here is another small update to the game (hopefully last one). I've corrected the error with running and quick skip but also checked all the dialogs just to see if there are any errors left (I'm 99% confident there should be none). The links are below as always.

Game With Library: Link!

Game Without Library: Link!

Note (again + again): You still need a library on your computer if you download the version without the library included. The library can be found below. Download it and install (it should be VX Ace version).

VX Ace RTP: Link!

Have fun playing it and if you find any mistakes, errors or simply bugs, you can notify me through this website, YouTube channel, twitter or twitch. All the best and take care. Dark

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Update of the Demo Version!

So I mentioned in my stream that there will be a new release of my game demo version as I found some faults and I've also upgraded some things (By the way Hi). Now that I'm done (mostly) with the first chapter and corrected anything I could find as well as added some content I can finally move on and try and finish 2nd chapter as soon as possible. The links to the game are below, and I will not mention what changed (although I already did in my stream) you will have to find out by playing :D

Game With Library: Link!
Game Without Library: Link!

Note (again): Game without the library still needs RTP library for the game to work (you just have to install it separately). If you already have the RTP library you can just download the base version of the game. On the other hand if you don't have it, here is a link to download the library (please choose VX Ace version of RTP).

VX Ace RTP: Link!

Have fun with it and if you would like to leave a comment, suggestion or anything. You can do so on this website (you don't have to be a member, you can just post as anonymous), or on twitter, YouTube channel and via PM on twitch. Thanks and see you all soon on one of my streams. Dark

Friday, 30 December 2016

My Game is OUT! Links To Download Provided

What's up guys. As the title says my game is out. Of course it is as I said previously only the 1st chapter and a demo version of the game. I will not go into great details about it as you will find out what it is about when you play it. Also if there are any bugs, or spelling mistakes I do apologise but at the same time if you let me know then I will be able to correct them.

As for the feedback I do appreciate any and if you give me good ideas which are implemented I will include you in final credits for that idea. Without further ado, here are the download links:

Game with the library: Link!
Game Without the library: Link!

Note: Game without the library still requires the library anyway, it is just not included in the game. Without the library it will not work, for that reason I'm including another link to the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP which is the library needed by the game. If you install this library you will be able to play any game made in RPG Maker VX Ace (if you download the game with the library included, that library will only be used by that game so if you plan to play anything else it will not work!).

VX Ace RTP: Link!
Please select the VX Ace option and download it, alternatively you can download the game with the library included.

I hope you will like the game and Enjoy. All the best and see you soon on stream. Dark

Saturday, 24 September 2016

I'm still alive + Announcement

Yes I'm alive, which to some people will bring happiness to some sadness. I did mention I will have no time to actually do streams but things have changed as I had even no time to play games. It might not be what you think, but I do have to work and I'm making a game.

Don't get all excited, the game is nothing modern. But because I'm doing this I simply don't have time for streams or even time to play games. Besides if you were doing a game everyday for couple of hours I don't think you would like to play anything :D

So that is the announcement really. I'm making a game and I don't really use my Xbox anymore (I didn't start it for I don't know more than 2 months), but I will use it today. I don't want to write whole essay here, that is why I will make a stream today and I will talk about all that stuff in details.

It doesn't really matter which game I'm going to play but I think something that is relaxing and doesn't require my full attention. Now as for the future, I need to buy my domain for another year so the site doesn't stop working, and I will be doing occasional streams and update anyone who is interested on the development of my game. I may even do a demo stream of the game just to show you guys what it looks like.

Now for the stream as I mentioned it will be today and not to make it too late this time I will start at 7pm (that is the time in UK which is UTC or BST time zone) and I will play some kind of game, perhaps forza (there is forza horizon 3 going out but I'm not getting it yet perhaps in the future).
So if you are interested in all the details etc. do visit my channel at 7pm and watch me play some game as well as explain all the stuff and talk about my game. I will see you guys then. Dark